Revealed: the UK’s most expensive dentists

Tom Wilson
6 November 2015
Milton Keynes has the highest cost of private dental treatment in the country, with the average price for a check-up reaching £62, compared to just £31 in Birmingham.Check-up costs are second highest in London, averaging £53, while Glaswegians pay £50. At the other end of the spectrum, residents of Manchester pay £34, and people in Cambridge typically pay £32.In individual practices, the costs can be much higher. One practice in London charges £185 for a check-up, according to a survey of 12,629 practices by average, private check-ups cost £46 in the UK, and have increased significantly in the last six months, according to the report. Despite the rising costs, the website has seen searches for private treatment rise by 115% in the last year.Emily Ross, director of, said: “These figures show the huge amount of savings that can be made by shopping around for dental care, even within the same city.Regular dental check-ups every six months are recommended for all the family, and as everyone knows, these costs can really add up.“It is important that patients are more aware of the options available to them, and that money can be saved.“As costs vary from city to city, savings can also be made by taking a short trip to a nearby town or city. Always be careful of special offers and discounts, do your research, and make your dental health a priority when choosing a practitioner.”An NHS check-up will cost £18.80 in England, £13.50 in Wales, and is not charged for in Scotland. Some people, such as children and people receiving benefits, are not charged for NHS dental treatment.Specialist also reviewed the cost of veneers, tooth whitening, root canals and implants.Leicester has the lowest cost veneers at £318, compared to a UK average of £443. Tooth whitening in Plymouth costs £209, compared to £298 across the country as a whole. A root canal will cost just £185 in Glasgow, while it’s typically £267. Dental implants are by far the most expensive – average costs in the UK are £2,101, but they’re £718 cheaper in Newcastle.These treatments are also available on the NHS, where prices are capped at £185 in Wales, £222.50 in England and £384 in Scotland. However, these are subject to long waiting times – 12 month waiting lists for some types of treatment are not unusual in some parts of the country.

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