Free superfast broadband upgrades for Virgin customers

Tom Wilson
29 September 2015
Virgin Media will start to roll out its new ultrafast broadband speeds in October, offering free upgrades to 4.6 million existing customers.The new Vivid fibre range will offer speeds of up to 70, 150 and 200Mbps, replacing existing speeds of 50, 100 and 152Mbps respectively.The new 200Mbps connection is significantly quicker than anything currently available from mainstream providers.Virgin boasts the connection would allow someone to download a two-hour HD film in three minutes, and a music album in a matter of seconds.The new speeds will be rolled out from 1 October, and Virgin intends to make the service available to 90% of its customers by the end of the year.Existing customers will not have to pay to get the new high-speed connections. Virgin will contact customers as and when the service is available in their area, who will then be able to opt-in for free.Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at, says: "Offering existing customers faster broadband for free is a smart move. You don't need to sign up to a new contract either, making it a very appealing deal."The majority of consumers are yet to catch on to the benefits of faster broadband … but this is going to change with time. The majority of us are now considered heavy or moderate internet users, so fibre broadband is set to become a household essential.”Pricing for new customers is due to be announced on 1 October.Most providers use the BT openreach network, but Virgin has chosen to invest substantial amounts in its own infrastructure, which is why it can offer these higher speeds.

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