The majority of UK savers confused by pensions

Tom Wilson
28 September 2015
UK savers are totally confused by pensions and the best ways to save for their retirement, according to new research from Aberdeen Asset Management.Two-thirds of savers said that they didn't know where to save for retirement, while 61% said that they didn't know how much they needed to save regularly to get their required income in retirement.A quarter said that they had no idea how much money they would need once they retire and - perhaps unsurprisingly given the recent changes - 57% said they did not know when and how you access your pension.Given the high levels of confusion it also came as little surprise that 22% had no form of savings whatsoever.As the government's consultation on the best ways to incentivise retirement saving draws to a close it was also interesting to see that tax relief may not have a significant effect on savings habits. Two-fifths of respondents said that scrapping tax relief on contributions would not effect how much they save.It appears savers better understand the value of their employer's role with 48% saying that increased contributions would encourage them to save more.Gregg McClymont, head of retirement savings at Aberdeen Asset Management said: "As a nation we are bewildered by the pensions system with people not knowing how much to save or even where to save it. The government's current consultation recognises the problem but it is unclear that tax-relief changes are the key to encouraging more saving."What is clear is the importance of the employers' role. If companies contribute to an individual's pension it incentivises that person to save more. That makes it critical that we continue to build a workplace pensions system for all."

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