How to make £3k from the Rugby World Cup

14 September 2015
Homeowners with spare rooms living near Rugby World Cup 2015 stadiums could make as much as £2,912 by renting them out, according to Airbnb.Surprisingly, you don't need to be close to Twickenham to make the most money from the World Cup. Airbnb hosts in Cardiff have seen a 529% in booking requests for the six-week tournament compared to usual and the average cost per night for a room during the World Cup stands at £182.Guests commonly stay for two nights either side of a fixture and the Millennium Stadium holds eight matches. This means a host stands to make up to £2,912 in the Welsh capital, less the 3% Airbnb charge of £87.36 for all the Cardiff games.Twickenham residents stand to make the next highest amount from renting out a room to fans. The average cost per night is £114 and, as the popular commuter town is home to 10 matches, hosts could make up to £2,280, less the 3% charge.Hosts in the Cheltenham and Gloucester area surrounding the Kingsholm Stadium stand to make £888 less the charge from the four fixtures, and Brighton residents could make £396 excluding fees from Brighton Community Stadium’s two games.While Cardiff is the most expensive match location for fans to stay overnight via Airbnb, the cheapest is Leicester at £44 a night on average (plus guest fees of between 6% and 12% depending on how short notice their booking is).The next cheapest are Birmingham at £59 and Newcastle at £66. Airbnb said Newcastle hosts have seen a 785% increase in booking requests for the Rugby World Cup period compared to normal. Airbnb prices per night by Rugby World Cup venue:Cardiff £182 London, Twickenham £114 Cheltenham and Gloucester £111 Brighton £99 London, Olympic Park £81 London, Wembley £77 Leeds £75 Newcastle £66 Birmingham £59 Leicester £43Airbnb is also giving rugby fans the chance to stay at the homes of two rugby legends, Gareth Thomas and Lewis Moody, during the tournament.

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