Boost your property price by 5% by adding a games room

11 September 2015
Some 16% of UK adults would consider paying 5% or more for a property with a games room.Overall, nearly a third (30%) said they would consider paying more for a house or flat with a room set aside for enjoying video games. On average, they'd be prepared to pay an extra 3.2%.Seeing as converting a room into another bedroom without adding extra floor space adds an average 3.4% to a property's value, adding a games room is almost as attractive to house buyers.Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost half of 18- to 34-year-olds (48%) and 41% of men would consider paying more for a house or flat with a games room.Londoners were found to be the most likely to consider paying more, with 41% of residents surveyed by Sony saying that they would consider it. One in 10 Londoners also admitted currently using a spare room as a games room.Almost half (46%) of UK adults play video games, according to Sony's research, and a games room now features in the top 10 desired features of a new home if money were no object.When asked to choose between the two, more people said they would install a games room than a walk-in wardrobe (11% versus 9% respectively).While nine out of 10 gamers told Sony they would like a designated room for indulging in their hobby, the majority (63%) mainly play in their living room and 30% play in their bedroom.Sony also found that the average UK household has 2.4 TVs and 39% don't have a spare room.Ex-Liverpool and England footballer turned landlord Robbie Fowler says: "When I'm letting flats or houses, one of the key things I have to consider is 'what stands this property apart?'."It's amazing how many people play games now, it seems to have replaced other entertainment in the house, which means that having an extra space designed for gaming would be hugely attractive to a large proportion of the population."Top 10 desired features if money were no object En-suite bathroom (74%) Garden or outdoor space (74%) Guest bedroom (71%) Garage (66%) Walk-in wardrobe (62%) Study/office (60%) Wet room/sauna (49%) Games room (40%) Bar (40%) Library (40%)

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