UK equity fund sales roar to 15-year sales high

9 September 2015
Retail investors put more money into equity funds in July than they have in any month for 15 years.Newly published data from the Investment Association (IA) show that in July net retail sales of equity funds were £2 billion, higher than in any month since April 2000. In total investors put £3 billion into retail investment funds over the course of the month, the highest level since April last year.In terms of regions, UK equity fund sales were at their highest point since March 1999 with net inflows of £943 million - almost double those of the previous month. Europe (£532 million) and global equity (£338 million) made second and third place.Perhaps unsurprisingly, Asian equity funds were the worst sellers, with £151 million net outflows in July."Following investor hesitancy seen so far in 2015, confidence returned in July with the highest net retail sales for over a year," said IA chief executive Daniel Godfrey."Although it remains to be seen what impact August's volatility has on fund sales, retail investors had a strong appetite for equities in July, particularly UK equity funds, which saw their highest net sales for over 15 years."Although Godfrey hails a return of investor confidence, analyst firm Numis points out in a statement that the August sell-off will likely dampen investor sentiment in the near future.The best-selling IA sectors in July were UK equity income (£611 million), Europe excluding UK (£367 million), targeted absolute return (£322 million), property (£293 million), and UK all companies (£281 million).The least popular sector was the sterling strategic bond sector with net retail outflows of £140 million.

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