Extraordinary and amusing insurance claims revealed

20 August 2015

If you weren’t already familiar with the need for buildings and contents cover, Saga Home Insurance has released its most noteworthy tales of sudden and unexpected disasters its customers have faced. In July this year a storm in the North East prompted a flurry of calls from worried Saga customers as golf-ball sized hailstones crashed onto their roofs. And one house in Durham was hit not once but twice by lightning, damaging the rendering on the gable. Weather was the cause of another claim when a surge tide crashed into a house by the sea, causing so much damage the owners feared they might have to rebuild it. Thankfully, the £200,000 bill for water was covered by the their insurance. Not all polices cover pet related disasters, so those with cats and dogs are advised to be on the look out when reading a policy’s small print. One Saga customer left his hearing aids on a coffee table only for his pooch to gobble them up. Some stories pulled from their archives are rather baffling. An astonishing £36,000 of repairs were needed when birdseed kept in plastic containers in a garage spontaneously combusted, destroying an outbuilding and its contents. Even more bewildering was a builder’s mistake of pumping expanding foam insulation not into his employer’s cavity walls, but her cloakroom, filling it to the brim. Luckily, no one was in there at the time. Sue Green, head of home insurance at Saga, said: “If we’ve learnt anything from the last 25 years it’s that you never know what’s just around the corner… particularly if pets are involved.”

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