Over-55s reveal what's on their bucket list

Tom Wilson
18 August 2015
Seeing the Northern Lights, a trip on the Orient Express and a trip around the world are the three activities that over-55s want to do before they die, according to a new survey. Some 90% of over-55s have a 'bucket list' of activities they want to tick off before they die, according to the survey from Prudential. Travel dominates the most popular dream retirement plans, accounting for seven of the top 10 goals. At number one is a visit to see the Northern Lights, chosen by two-fifths of those surveyed. Some 28% of people want to ride the Orient Express and one-in-four people wish to go on a round the world trip. A sixth of people say they want to buy a house abroad in retirement, but 14% of people have the more lowly ambition of simply retiring. Last week figures from the Office for National Statistics showed 1.1 million, or one-in-10 pensioners, are still in work and Prudential estimates a tenth of the people due to retire this year will postpone until their 70s. Golden opportunity Stan Russell, retirement expert at Prudential, said: "Many people view retirement as a golden opportunity to do the things they've always wanted to do, and our research shows a bucket list with a mix of exotic and pragmatic ambitions. "Planning ahead to help achieve a retirement income that will support these ambitions is vital. "Irrespective of the recent changes to the rules, the fundamentals of pension saving remain true – saving as much as possible as early as possible during your working life is the best way to secure the most comfortable retirement."Find out everything you need to know about the new pension freedoms and how to plan ahead for the retirement you deserve withthe new issue of How to Retire in Style. The magazine is available to buy now from all leading newsagents, priced at £4.99. It can also be ordered online here for £6 including postage and packing.

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