Older drivers charged £136 extra to hire a car

Tom Wilson
18 August 2015
Older drivers are being hit with additional fees of up to £136 just because of their age, according to research from rental car broker economycarhire.com. Even drivers with a perfect record could face additional charges, due to the insurance policies held by car hire companies. According to economycarhire.com, Spanish-based rental company RecordGo has a €58 daily surcharge for drivers aged 70 or older, capped at €192 per hire. At current exchange rates, this could add £136 to the cost of a holiday. Avis charges €6.32 plus tax a day for drivers between 70 and 99, while Polish firm Rentis demands an extra €5 a day from drivers who are older than 75. Check the Terms and conditionsRory Sexton, managing director of Economy Car Hire, said; "Some car hire brokers will ask for your age but still show a vehicle, even though the supplier prohibits rentals for older customers. "Always make sure that you check the terms and conditions, to make sure that the supplier you have selected will actually rent to you. Get in touch with the company or broker you're booking with via phone or email to confirm this information if you are concerned." Companies that don't have a surcharge for older drivers include: Alamo in France, Spain and the US; Maggiore in Italy; and Thrifty in Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand and South Africa. In Portugal, many suppliers don't charge older drivers. Economycarhire.com adds that in some countries, drivers who are over 75 need a doctor's note, dated within a month of departure, to say they're fit to drive.

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