Customers to be refunded for BT Sport Europe TV bills

Tom Wilson
12 August 2015
BT Broadband customers charged for the BT Sport Europe TV package who didn't ask for it can get a refund, the regulator has ruled.The company has been reprimanded for an "unfair" deal that automatically charged for sports TV packages customers did not request.BT expanded its sports offering on 1 August, giving customers the choice of a four-channel premium package and a single channel basic package. As part of the changes, broadband-only customers would be charged £5 per month for the premium package.BT originally contacted customers in June and July saying they would be billed for the premium package unless they opted out by 31 July.Some customers complained to Ofcom after they were notified by BT they would be automatically charged for the premium package unless they opted out in the run up to the changes.Following the complaints, Ofcom spoke to the broadband and TV provider and has advised customers that they will be able to opt out of the premium deal within four weeks of being billed for the services.Customers have also been assured they will be reimbursed for any charges as a result of the changes if they choose the basic package or decline the sports packages altogether.BT has said it is reviewing its terms and conditions for its sports packages with a view to clarifying the situations where it might change the service or price. It has also advised customers with concerns about the changes to contact them.

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