6% of singles fund dates with payday loans

Alex Holmes
6 August 2015
Some 6% of British romantics have resorted to payday loans for picking up the tab on a date.Indeed, a fifth of UK adults admit to using credit to fund their romantic lives but the most common form is credit card.Friends and family are the second highest source of credit for nearly a quarter of those surveyed by the Debt Advisory Centre."People feeling under pressure to spend beyond their means, simply to impress, is worrying," says Melanie Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Debt Advisory Centre."Using credit to fund a lifestyle that you can't afford is a definite sign you need to reconsider your priorities."Although 64% of men questioned thought that the man should pay the bill on a first date, more than half of women said the top reason for taking out credit was concern about expecting their date to pay.Taylor said: "Most people are comfortable with splitting the cost of dates, rather than expecting one party to pay for everything."However, the figures might dispute this attitude as a quarter of men go into the red for a date, compared with 11% of women.Taylor said: "People should remember that credit cards need to repaid, and it can cause serious problems if it becomes unmanageable."If you're in need of some budgeting help, or are already struggling, talk to an expert."While almost half of those surveyed believe the bill should be split on the first date some unlucky ladies might come across the 2% of men who think women should foot the bill for a romantic outing.Jemima Wade, spokesperson for dating site eHarmony.co.uk, told Moneywise: "As modern as we are in the UK in the 21st century, we still haven't figured out any hard and fast rules about who should pay on a first date, leaving it as a somewhat grey area."Dates are exciting and it's only natural to want to impress and have fun, but you can do this affordably, and in doing so take the pressure off yourself.Simply take some time to research online and you'll find loads of great, inexpensive date ideas out there... By putting time and effort into planning something truly unique and thoughtful, it shows your date the real you – which after all is what dating is all about; having fun and just being yourself."The average price for a first date was put at £48.39 by research from The Stag Company earlier this year. However, when other factors were added in, such as new clothes and a haircut, the figure rose to £106.20.

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