Holidaymakers to spend £420 on credit cards this summer

Tom Wilson
5 August 2015

UK holidaymakers are expected to spend £420 each on credit cards while on holiday this summer. Some 14.3 million people will spend £6 billion, 10% more than in 2012, according to research from Post Office Money. A quarter of these holidaymakers plan to use their cards to top-up their spending money, and 18% say they expect to run out of money and will rely on 'precautionary plastic'. According to the report, a fifth of card users don't check the cost of using plastic overseas. Click here to see the top overseas credit card rates Be aware of charges John Willcock, head of credit cards at Post Office Money, said "It is essential that anyone planning on using a credit card abroad is fully aware of how much they will be charged." If you're planning to use your card abroad, Moneywise recommends the Everyday Card from Creation Financial Services, which has no charges for spending or withdrawing cash abroad, and a 12.9% APR. Other top overseas-spending cards are the Halifax Clarity Card, which also has no charges for withdrawals or spending abroad, and has an 18.9% APR. If you're a Haliax current account holder, you may also receive £5 cashback a month.

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