Theory test fees to fall but beware websites charging extra

29 July 2015
Learner drivers will benefit from a price cut for theory tests taken from 1 October. The price for a car or motorcycle theory test will fall to £23 from £25. The costs have fallen by almost 20% since September 2014 when the price of the tests was £31. If you use the official theory test booking service at you will only be charged for the test cost. Other booking websites can charge extra fees. For example, charges £39. Unlimited resitsSome sites charge more because they offer unlimited resits. One such website is, which charges £59. The website states this is inclusive of £28 for unlimited resits and "the £31 test fee" – although the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's (DVSA) test fee has been £25 since October 2014. The driver1 website also charges £59 for the test and unlimited retests. Neither site makes it clear whether any money is refunded should a candidate choose the unlimited resit offer but pass first time. On calling, it emerged that the company discounts the cost of a practical test by £17 for those passing the theory test first time. However, it charges a £17 booking fee on top of the official DVSA practical test fee of £62. This means learner drivers who choose to pay for the unlimited theory resit option but pass first time pay £121 for a theory and practical test but would have only paid £87 had they booked through the official website. Other websites don't disclose their charges upfront for booking tests. At, no charges are displayed before the learner driver is required to enter their personal details into the webform and no phone number is available. Enquiries must be sent via a webform.


Excessive test fee

These companies selling tests - which appear at the top of a search list should be shut down - very misleading paid £95 for a £62 test

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