Free fibre broadband for a year from Sky

10 July 2015
Sky has launched a year-long free fibre broadband deal for new and existing customers. The superfast broadband (up to 38Mbps) deal has a 25GB monthly usage cap, which Sky said is enough for 540 hours' browsing and online gaming, listening to 300 music albums and watching eight standard definition movies. It should take no longer than a few seconds to download an album and just over three minutes for a movie. A £30 set-up fee applies and landline costs £16.40 a month. There is no obligation to continue with the deal, which reverts to £10 a month, at the end of the 12-month free period. The deal represents a saving of £186.13 over a year when compared with the closest comparable services from BT, according to Sky. The company also pointed out that research by Ofcom found that Sky Fibre has the most reliably consistent speeds and the fastest peak time speeds for up to 38Mb fibre broadband. For households consuming more than 25GB of data a month, Sky has launched an unlimited Fibre deal at £10 a month. No set up fee applies. Both deals take about two weeks to get up and running and require a new router, which will be sent out in three to five working days. Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: "Fibre broadband needs an awareness boost, and Sky's deal might help. Less than a third of standard broadband users believe they can get superfast fibre broadband in their area, despite it now being available to almost eight in 10 UK households." But he warned: "Anyone interested should note the 25GB download limit. To put that in context, you could stream around four films in high definition for that amount of data. "Given that fibre is designed for heavier users, it might not be enough for families or people who are avid streamers and downloaders of games, movies, box sets and music." The Moneywise verdict from Laura Whitcombe"I'm a Sky customer and currently have the Original bundle deal, which comes with unlimited broadband at a cost of £7.50 a month. I called customer services to find out if the free 12-month deal would be suitable for me. It wasn't. My monthly data usage seems to fluctuate around 60GB."There are two adults in my house. We browse the web through smartphones and laptops early in the morning, at evenings and weekends, watch programmes on Netflix a few nights a week and download a few TV shows a week for the commute. I was surprised we used so much more data than the free 12-month deal allows."The adviser I spoke to quite rightly suggested the Unlimited fibre deal would be better for me. So it would cost £2.50 extra a month for much faster download times. It's tempting, especially because I don't have to pay the £30 installation cost but I'm not really up for the hassle of being sent a new router at the moment so I'm leaving my package unchanged for now."

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