Over-55s shun free Pension Wise service

26 May 2015
Despite now having access to free guidance in the form of the government's Pension Wise service, most people say they would prefer to do their own research online, over the telephone, or even just by asking friends and family. In a survey of 2,000 over-55s, advice firm Sanlam found that only one in five plans to use the government's Pension Wise guidance service to help them in retirement, despite it being free to use for all people approaching retirement age. In a separate line of questioning, the survey found that just over one in three people think they will live longer than the money they have set aside for retirement will last. Previous research suggests only a minority of British over-55s feel they have saved enough to ensure a reasonable standard of living throughout retirement, and worse, that one in five has not saved into a pension at all.Find the best pension funds available on your selected pension platform Confusion and uncertainty"The confusion and uncertainty displayed by consumers who have been impacted by the pension reforms exposes the risk that many over-55s could begin making significant changes to their lifetime savings without any form of professional advice or guidance," says Sanlam's Alex Morley. "As the cost of living goes up and people are living longer, we could end up with a large number of people exhausting their private pensions and having to rely on the government to support them in their later years." This article was written for our sister publication Money Observer

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