A third of people never finish their DIY projects

28 April 2015

More than a third of Brits start DIY projects but don't bother completing them, according to a survey by Halifax Home Insurance.

The online poll of 2,000 adults found that 38% have given up on a DIY job and 10% have gone ahead and bought tools and equipment and then haven't started the project.

More than a third of Brits (70%) carry out DIY to save money, while 56% simply did it as a hobby, and 10% of DIYers just don't know any good tradesmen.

Shockingly, one in five people have admitted that they can't even change a light bulb while more than half (58%) have no idea how to put up a shelf and 27% feel they don't have the right skills to paint their own homes.

On average, 29% admitted to botching up a previous DIY project, so it's not surprising that homeowners are not confident in their DIY skills. The best DIYers were in Wales, where only 23% made a mess of a DIY project whereas a third of homeowners in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber have botched a DIY job.

Damage claims

In 2014, Halifax Home Insurance recorded more than 16,500 claims for accidental damage, which included DIY-related incidents such as spilling paint or drilling through pipes. Halifax's bill for accidental damage was more than £9 million, averaging out at £565 per claim.

The insurer's senior claims manager Martyn Foulds said: "Bank holidays are traditionally the time to dig out the tools and indulge in a spot of DIY but even with the best intentions things can go wrong, which is why checking that you have the right level of buildings and contents cover can provide extra peace of mind.

"For more specialist jobs involving gas, electrical, plumbing or structural work, it's essential to call a qualified expert, or homeowners risk invalidating their home insurance policy, not to mention possibly putting themselves and others at risk."

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