Top 10 strange pet insurance claims

6 March 2015

If you're a cat or dog owner, then you'll be surprised at the scraps your pet can get into that could mean you'll spend a fortune in vet bills.

While you might expect the odd broken bone or infection, Asda Money has revealed the top 10 more unusual claims that have been made on the company's Accident-Only pet insurance.

Top of the list is swallowing a needle and thread, which cost just under £430 to sort out.

Eating ibuprofen and paracetamol (£410) and chewing on batteries (£430) came in second and third place in Asda's list of strange pet insurance claims.

Demonstrating the need to keep dangerous substances out of reach, swallowing rat poison was fourth of the weird claims list (£410) and, bizarrely, eating a heat pad came fifth and cost a staggering £1,830 in vet's bills.

Also in the list of odd pet insurance claims were:

  • Drinking drain cleaner (£410)
  • Munching on magnets and eating the bristles from a wire brush (£410)
  • Eating a pill bottle and its entire contents (£1,830)
  • Swallowing a kebab stick whole (£1,830); and
  • The family cat falling from a fourth-floor window (£1,154).

Research also revealed that more than half (57%) of pet owners don't have pet insurance in place.

Michael Turner, head of Insurance at Asda Money, said: "Pets have become such an important part of our families and it can be easy to forget that day to day household items can actually cause them harm."

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