Coming soon: 10-minute grace period for council-run parking

6 March 2015

Drivers are to get a 10-minute grace period after a parking ticket runs out, the government has announced.

The change, which is expected to come into force within weeks, will apply to all on- and off-street council parking spaces in England, and will let drivers escape a fine if they return to their car shortly after their ticket has expired.

Other changes include a ban on the use of CCTV camera cars that automatically issue parking fines, except in certain areas such as near schools and bus routes, while residents and businesses will be able to demand their council carries out a review of parking in their area if they are unhappy with the current set up.

New guidance will also be given to local authorities to reinforce the message that councils cannot use parking to make a profit.

End the war on motorists

In a joint statement, communities secretary Eric Pickles and transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the move was designed to bring an end to the war on motorists by over-zealous parking enforcement.

"Local residents and businesses will be able to demand a review of parking in their area, including charges and the use of yellow lines," they said.

"Parking adjudicators will be able to hold councils to account so they can look to change signs and stop charging fines in areas where parking tickets keep being issued."

RAC Foundation director Stephen Glaister said: "For such a minor part of our lives parking generates a huge amount of frustration and anger."

"Allowing a grace period will help ease tensions and make everyone's lives easier."

According to the foundation’s figures, councils in England made a surplus of £667 million from parking in 2013/14.

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