2015 Money Observer Rated Funds centre launched

5 March 2015

Money Observer, our sister magazine, has created a new online centre for the 169 funds and investment trusts that comprise its freshly updated 2015 Rated Funds list.

While the fund universe comprises more than 2,100 funds and around 400 trusts, the Money Observer Rated Funds list has been independently compiled to help investors whittle down their investment choice.

Better decisions

Andrew Pitts, editor of Money Observer, explains: "We introduced Money Observer Rated Funds to help ordinary people make better investment decisions. Too many people no longer have access to affordable independent financial advice, which has become the preserve of the already wealthy.

"Particularly in the run-up to the end of the tax year, people could find themselves making investment decisions based on little more than liking a clever marketing campaign, or simply seeing what's topped the performance tables over the last year or so."

The list seeks to identify the most consistently superior performers across all the major asset classes and sectors, classifying them into easily understandable groups rather than the sometimes obliquely named official sectors.

"Our Rated Funds centre at moneyobserver.com explains the basic principles of these groups so that people can decide for themselves whether they fit in with their own aims," adds Pitts.

The new Rated Funds centre also incorporates profiles and bespoke factsheets for every one of the 2015 funds, as well as sector and fund rankings and performance data, updated daily, with short videos by fund managers also being introduced.

"We are not claiming that the process we've adopted in identifying our 2015 Rated Funds is a fail-safe formula for success, but we're confident that it can help novice and more experienced investors make better investment decisions that can ultimately mean they hit their financial goals," says Pitts.


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