Bournemouth is the priciest place to see a private dentist

3 March 2015

Bournemouth is the most expensive city in the UK to have a private dental check-up at £47 on average - £28.50 or 154% more than the cost of an NHS check-up in England.

The cheapest area is Birmingham, where clinics charge an average of £23, according to data from 12,000 private clinics compiled by comparison site

The average price of a dental consultation in the UK is now £36 on average but can vary by £110 depending on where you go.

The lowest-cost individual clinic for a private check up can be found in London, charging just £15 – some £3.50 less than the cost of a NHS check-up – while the most expensive clinic, in Bristol, charges £125.

The price of treatment varies enormously across the UK too. For example, a root canal can be had in Glasgow for £158, while it's a lot more painful in Reading at £325.

Liverpool is the cheapest place in the UK to get your teeth whitened at £205, while one London clinic charges £875 for the service. Birmingham has the cheapest veneers while Bournemouth's are the priciest at £574.

Southampton is home to the UK's cheapest dental implants – used to secure crowns, bridges or dentures – at £928. That's half the price of the UK average of £1,984 and massively cheaper than in Cambridge, the most expensive city for the treatment on average, at £2,393.

However, WhatClinic's data revealed one top Winchester dentist charges £19,950 for the service.

Making the right decision

Emily Ross, director of, said: "If some of these prices are hard to swallow, the positives to take away from this research are the potentially huge savings to be made by shopping around."

However, she warned that price shouldn't be the most important factor when choosing a clinic: "Read patient reviews and find a practitioner you feel comfortable with, as this can make all the difference when it comes to those much-dreaded fillings. Be wary of special offers and discounts and put your oral hygiene at the forefront of your decision making."  

The cheapest way to pay for dentistry is to find a local dentist accepting new NHS patients. You will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care.

In England these costs are capped at £18.50 for emergency dental treatment and a Band 1 course of treatment, which covers an examination, diagnosis (including X-rays and a scale and polish if clinically needed.

For a Band 2 course of treatment, which can include fillings, root canal work or removal of teeth, the cost is £50.50. Treatment such as crowns and dentures are included in Band 3, which costs £219.00.

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