Kick start 2015 with a top savings rate

6 January 2015

Savers should keep a sharp eye on their rates this year, as rate cuts continue.

For new savers the best easy access account comes from ICICI Bank Super Savings, The AA Internet Savings and Post Office Online Saver issue 13, all at 1.4% before tax (1.12% after tax).

Others including Coventry Building Society also pay 1.4% (1.12%), but restrict the number of withdrawals you can make from your account each year.

Both AA and Post Office accounts include a bonus only payable for the first year, after which the rate drops substantially.

On fixed-rate bonds the best one-year deal comes from State Bank of India at 1.8% (1.44%), while Paragon, Kent Reliance, Aldermore and Harrods Bank all pay 1.75% (1.4%).

Find the best Cash Isa or savings account for you

Tax-free saving

The top two-year deal is 2.33% (1.86%) from Secure Trust Bank, while State Bank of India pays 2.25% (1.8%).

On tax-free cash Isas you can earn 1.5% from a Post Office Premier Cash Isa easy access account. The rate includes a 0.85 percentage point bonus for the first 18 months.

Top deals with no bonus include Barclays Bank Instant Cash Isa issue 1 at 1.49% on a minimum £30,000, or Sainsbury's Bank at 1.45%. All three accept transfers from other providers.

National Savings & Investments pays 1.5% on its Direct Isa, but you cannot move the cash Isas you hold with other providers into this account.

On fixed-rate cash Isas, the best one-year deal is 1.65% from both Tesco Bank and Virgin Money. For two years Post Office pays a fixed 1.95%, and both Kent Reliance and Aldermore Bank pay 1.85%.

This article was written for our sister website Money Observer

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