Don't let a Christmas party disaster derail your festivities

19 December 2014

With the Christmas party season in full swing, Sainsbury's Home Insurance has warned about the perils of the festive period.

One in five of us (19%) have suffered some sort of home damage or accident while throwing a party in their home, while a quarter of us (26%) have had an accident while getting ready to paint the town red.

While throwing a party, 60% had seen some household items broken, 47% found stains on items which could not be cleaned, while 25%, worryingly, experienced some sort of fire damage caused by candles, cigarettes and paper lanterns.

Nearly half of people (46%) have spilt make-up while getting ready to go out, 32% have done the same but with hair dye, while 30% have spilt nail polish and 16% have left on their hair straighteners when getting ready for a night out too.

Extra care

Tom Thomson of Sainsbury's Home Insurance said: "Accidental damage cover is essential for those wanting to protect themselves against accident and mishap in the home. During party season it's worth taking extra care so that the goodwill of the season can be fully enjoyed.

"Key items to ‘keep tabs on' include candles, irons, and hair straighteners. We'd recommend putting valuable items out of reach, and above all, urge everyone to have a great time."

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