34% of renters hit by repair bills

14 November 2014

More than a third of renters have had to shell out £63 on average to have something fixed in their property.

In addition, one in six renters paid out more than £100 to get a problem fixed rather than wait for their landlord to sort things out, according to research from the AA.

The most common issues tenants paid to resolve were blocked drains (19%), a faulty shower (19%), dodgy electrics (17%) and a broken lock or key (15%).

Half of renters (50%) said they paid out as it was quicker for them to do it themselves. A third reported that when they reported a problem to their landlord they had to wait more than a week for them to visit the property and see what could be done.

A quarter (25%) admitted they were responsible for the fault and felt they should pay to fix it themselves but 13% said that their landlord simply refused to deal with the problem even though the tenant was in no way responsible.

Fragile relationship

Helen Brooker, head of AA home membership, said: "Not being responsible for repairs is often seen as a perk of renting. Some landlords may accuse tenants of not taking care of properties but our research shows they seem to be more conscientious than they're often given credit for.

"The relationship between landlords and tenants can be rather fragile and fallouts over repairs are quite common. Having clear guidelines about who is responsible for particular issues could be helpful, as could having reasonable expectations as to how landlords will deal with household repairs."

She added: "Some of the repairs that tenants told us they'd undertaken might have been quite simple and cheap to fix. But some things – relating to gas and electrical problems for example, should only be carried out by properly qualified professionals."

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