More Brits want to try online banking

12 November 2014

Some four million Brits are interested in doing their banking online for the first time, new research has revealed.

The Payments Council found 70% of Brits who could use online banking to run their main account already do so, while 10% of potential users would be interested in logging-on and accessing banking services online for the first time.

It found that the most common reason for people not using online banking was concerns over security. Only 15% of non-users said they were "very confident" that online banking was safe and secure, while a quarter of people (24%) were worried about remembering pin numbers and passwords.

However, not everyone is keen to embrace the digital revolution. Some 20% said they have no interest in using internet banking at all, while only 16% of those over 65 were interested in using online services.

The most common reasons for lack of interest are a preference for doing banking face-to-face (30%), finding their current banking method convenient (27%) security concerns (26%) and not needing to bank very often (11%).

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Maurice Cleaves, interim chief executive of the Payments Council said: "Checking a balance or sending a quick, secure payment online is something that many of us take for granted and yet millions are potentially missing out because they could do with a bit of extra help or reassurance to get them started."

"If you haven't tried internet banking but think you would like to, contact your bank or building society for more information on how to get started."

To help people understand more about online banking the Payments Council has issued a new guide, Remote Banking: Your Rights, which sets out ways customers can stay safe online an can be found here:


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