Only three in 10 Brits understand pension reforms

29 October 2014

Over two thirds of people (71%) have little or no understanding of the government's forthcoming pension reforms, according to a new survey.

The study found that, with the overwhelming majority of Britons confused by the new rules, they are increasingly at risk of being scammed by criminals promising to 'unlock' their pensions.

Over one in ten people (13%) told accountant HW Fisher & Company they know nothing about the planned changes to pensions rules, while 58% said they only know "the basics".

But 77% of people surveyed by the firm admitted they don't know the difference between pension freedom and pension liberation.

Pension freedom relates to the reforms (due to be introduced in April 2015) announced by government that will give people aged 55 or over the flexibility to spend their pension savings how they wish. Whereas pension liberation is when people unlock their pension pots early - and often pay serious tax penalties as a result. Criminals have long been operating in this area.

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A little bit of knowledge

David Breger, partner at HW Fisher & Company, said: "Having just a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Most people have heard of the new pension freedoms and are keen to use them - but have only the haziest understanding of what they will entail.

"Anyone who receives a cold call offering them a fantastic-sounding opportunity for their pension should be extremely wary. Reputable investment companies seldom call out of the blue, and never engage in the high-pressure sales techniques employed by the unregulated cowboys. And if its sounds too good to be true…"

In mid-October, Moneywise found in a poll that, while savers are attracted to the flexibility and choices that are offered by the relaxation of pensions rules, they do not fully understand their options.

When asked what they want to do with their pensions savings a significant 34% said they had absolutely no idea, 28% said they would take the cash, 15% said they would go into income drawdown. Only 6% said they wanted to buy annuity.

"The pension reforms will eventually offer millions of us the chance to take charge of our retirement planning - but with freedom comes responsibility, and people should think very carefully before making decisions which could impact their retirement income forever," Breger added.

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