Full-time workers have £500 to spare each month

27 October 2014

Some 70% of Brits in full-time employment have around £500 available in spare cash each month, new research from Lloyds Bank has found.

After paying bills and making essential purchases, seven in 10 workers have at least a quarter of their monthly income left to spend how they want, according to the findings.

Based on the average UK gross full-time salary of £33,511, it means that 70% of people have £500 in spare cash, while a third have around £1,705 available to spend - going against the widely-held view that families are struggling to save anything substantial each month.

An increase in the average monthly salary over the past three years has led to people having more options about what to do with their wages too. With salaries rising from £2,048 in 2011 to £2,154 in the past three years, some 68% of workers say that if they have spare cash they are more likely to save it, compared to a low of 52% in November 2011.

Philip Robinson, Lloyds Bank savings director, said: "With many people in the UK thinking that they will have more spare cash in the future, it's worth considering how to make it work harder for you. Putting funds in a higher interest current or savings account could pay dividends and help set you up for the future.

"The UK is feeling increasingly positive about the future when it comes to discretionary spending."

The news comes after supermarket Asda found the average UK household had £174 (or £696 a month) a week left after paying their bills. However, Moneywise readers were quick to criticise the findings, with many on our Facebook page saying that they have nowhere near that amount of disposable income.

Angela Saunders wrote: "Are they serious? I work full time but don't get anywhere near that to spend a month, never mind a week."

Another reader, Amanda Wilson, said: "The average family in this country is lucky to have anything left after paying bills. I don't even earn much more than that let alone have that much left!"

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