59% of us are worried about winter heating costs

22 October 2014

More than half of Brits are worried about how they will pay for their heating bills this winter, according to new research.

The Debt Advisory Centre found that 59% of people are concerned about how they will afford to pay to heat their home, while 14% described themselves as very worried.

More than one in five (22%) admitted that they expected to cut back on groceries to pay for their heating bill, while 6% said they would have to borrow money, including going overdrawn, to meet their payments. And some 13% said they would have to pay their bills late or partially in order to make ends meet.

Of those worried, 25% said they would go without heating all winter to save costs, while more than a third (37%) said they were would set their thermostat to a lower temperature to cut costs too.

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Ian Williams, spokesman for Debt Advisory Centre, said: "It's extremely concerning to hear that nearly half of UK households are worried about how they'll keep warm this winter, and to learn that some people are even having to consider cutting back on food or other essentials to afford their bills.

"What's perhaps even more worrying is that some people are considering paying for their heating bill on credit, or scrimping on other bills to cover it. If you're already in a tricky financial situation, borrowing more or cutting back on essential bills is only likely to make it worse."

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