Shoppers spend £133 month on 'bargains'

21 October 2014

Bargain hunters spend £133 a month to stave off the fear of missing a deal, new research has found.

These eagle-eyed shoppers buy on average 11 sale items a month, according to cashback and voucher site Quidco.
It found that huge amounts of shopping happens as a result of impulse buying, with 44% of online purchases and 52% of instore buys down to offers that consumers were unable to turn down.


When asked what their priority was when buying a discounted item, 48% of Brits said the saving they were making was most important, while just 43% were concerned whether they actually needed the item or not.

One in ten admitted to buying things they didn't need if the discount was good enough, while less than a third of people (32%) said they would go away and think about making the purchase before they took the plunge.

According to the research, another 32% would feel annoyed with themselves for not considering the purchase, while 26% would feel angry that they have missed out on a great deal.

Nearly a quarter of men (24%) and 20% of women claim they do not get taken in by discounts, while more than a third of women (37%) admit that the thrill of affording something they normally couldn't was the reason they decided to buy, compared to 25% of men.

Andy Oldham, managing director at Quidco, said: "It's natural for people to want to treat themselves to impulse buys every now and again, but shoppers shouldn't make themselves prisoners to bargains and deals and risk ending up with things they don't need.

"With the Right amount of research and more 'thoughtful' purchasing, you can get the best value for money with every purchase."

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