Grow your tenner' charity drive launches

14 October 2014

A charity initiative has launched, aiming to match-fund donations of £10 to charities across the UK.

The Grow Your Tenner campaign will match one-time donations to charities pound-for-pound up to £10, as well as monthly donations up to £10 per month for six months.

With Gift Aid factored in, it means a one-time donation of £10 made through during Grow Your Tenner will generate £21.55. The monthly donations, totaling up to £60, will attract even more for charities.

The campaign is funded by the Cabinet Office's Office for Civil Society and donations to, but there is only a pot of £500,000 that can be used to match donations - once the pot runs out the match-funding will cease. said it is aiming to raise £4 million for small charities across the UK, organisations that struggle to attract donations - small and local charities account for 50% of UK's voluntary sector but receive only 0.6% of charitable funding.


Since its launch in 2012, Grow Your Tenner has already raised £3 million for 'micro-charities'. Marcelle Speller, chairman and founder of Localgiving, said: "Small, local charities make an incredible difference to the communities they work in but, sadly, many are struggling and in great need of our support.

"This is an opportunity to be part of something amazing that will help communities right across the country."

A spokesperson for CCHF All About Kids, a small Sussex-based charity which provides residential activity breaks for disadvantaged children, said Grow Your Tenner was a great opportunity for people to maximise their donations and for small charities to benefit.

"This is a clever initiative which enables us to generate vital funds and raise awareness for our cause," the spokesperson said. "It means donations will go even further to improving the lives of disadvantaged children. Just £10 can provide two children on a week's break with three-nourishing home-cooked meals a day. When that is matched and with gift-aid on top it is enough for all the activities a child would benefit from whilst with us. So it's great value and really making a difference."

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