A third of Brits argue over when to switch heating on

7 October 2014

It's long been a source of arguments once autumn arrives: when to turn the heating on. Now proof – of sorts – has arrived with research showing a third of Brits argue with the people they live with over when to turn the thermostat up.

The research also shows that a quarter of Brits secretly turn the heating up in their home, without telling their partner or housemates - but 63% of those have been caught in the act, according to Moneysupermarket. It said men are less likely to get caught than women.

The reason for arguments is usually cost, with 44% of those who have argued admitting it is down to the energy bill they'll face as a result.

That's why over half of the people surveyed claimed they would rather put a jumper on than turn their heating on.

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Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: "With a quarter of Brits admitting to arguing about the heating of their home, it's unsurprising to hear that the main cause for concern lies in the cost. As we approach the winter months, these arguments will no doubt become more frequent.

"The fact that over half of Brits claim that they'd rather put on extra clothing than succumb to putting the heating on and endure high costs, shows the nation is still concerned with the price they pay for their energy."

The website reckons these are the clues to watch out for, if you want to catch someone in the act of furtively turning the heating on:

  • Watch out for absences too short for a visit to the loo, or to make a brew.
  • Secret heaters may avoid eye contact, or act sheepishly after turning the heating on/up.
  • Listen out for the dead-giveaway groaning of a boiler gurgling into action.
  • If you're hearing "I'm cold" or "It's freezing in here" less frequently, something's up.

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