Half of parking fines are ripped up on appeal

25 September 2014

Half the parking tickets appealed in 2012 were written off, according to analysis of the most recent statistics available.

During the year, some 8,461,916 parking tickets were issued in England and of the 69,921 that were appealed, 35,816 were found to have been awarded unfairly.

The analysis by consumer complaints service Resolver found that in the City of London (the 'Square Mile') alone, 60,256 parking tickets were issued in 2012. Of them, just 1,590 were appealed but only 19 motorists were forced to pay - meaning 99% of people who appealed were let off.

The study also found that Westminster Council issued one ticket costing £60 each every minute, while the likes of South and North Derbyshire District Council are handed out an average of one a day.

Unsurprisingly then, Londoners were more likely to appeal with thousands challenging their tickets compared with "literally a handful of people" in Rossendale, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk and Nuneaton, said a Resolver spokesperson.

James Walker, the founder of resolver.co.uk, said: "Our study shows that it pays to complain and appeal about a parking ticket if you feel it has been awarded unfairly. It also highlights the aggressive tactics of some councils that simply use parking charges to bump revenues in a complete disregard for motorists' rights."

He advises motorists to complain as soon as they get a ticket, "especially if you feel you are in the right", he said.

Walker added: "In our view, by appealing you are helping the councils to improve the fairness of the system and to stamp out any rogue parking attendants who are just looking to improve their numbers."

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