Cost of care is biggest worry for over-70s

4 September 2014

The cost of care is the biggest worry facing the over-70s, according to charity Citizens Advice. It also says that being out of work is the top concern for teenagers, while housing problems are the biggest worry for those in their 20s.

On what is the charity's 75th birthday - it was created days after the outbreak of the Second World War - Citizens Advice has released details of its analysis of 1.3 million problems experienced by 480,000 people between April and June 2014.

Broadly, it says unemployment and housing are "key problems for those in their teens and twenties", while pensions dominate the concerns of older people.

The charity adds that, across age groups, coping with day-to-day household expenses is proving difficult for many people. As a result, it says advice around housing benefits, working tax credits and pension credit are now among the top issues its advisers deal with.

When people seek advice online, Citizens Advice said they do so most commonly to find out their basic rights at work.

Generational groundhog day

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: "There is a real risk of generational groundhog day. People face different challenges at different stages of their lives. Young people are bearing the brunt of a chronic housing shortage and households are increasingly struggling to make ends meet.  Some of the issues confronting people when we started in 1939, such as debt and housing, are still around today.

Despite receiving help from the charity, it said 1 in 7 people are unable to solve their problems due to issues beyond their control. It added: "Flawed systems, irresponsible employers and difficulties accessing legal redress are some of the main barriers preventing people putting an end to their problems."

Earlier this week Citizens Advice launched the ‘Citizens Manifesto', calling on MPs to pledge their support for the provision of free, independent advice.

The top issues for different age groups

Teens: Job Seekers Allowance
20s: Housing benefit
30s: Working and child and tax credits
40s: Employment and support allowance
50s: Employment and support allowance
60s: Pension credit
70s: Attendance allowance
80 and over: Attendance allowance

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