Couples ignore over half a billion in loose change

30 July 2014

Men leave £20 in loose change scattered about the home each month, while women do the same to the tune of £10, according to a survey by Lloyds Bank.

Among couples, 8% admitted they would take any loose change their partner left lying around. And while 78% of men said they would give it back, only 70% of women would do the same.

This somewhat cavalier attitude to coinage means that Brits have a collective £700 million lying about in pockets, coffee tables, glove boxes and on our desks at any one time, according to the Lloyds Bank survey.

Some 18% of survey respondents left their change in their bedroom, in a pocket or at the bottom of a bag, while 17% at least knew it was accounted for in a money jar.

The survey also found that a third of people leave up to £5 in the location they use most often every week.

While some 91% of respondents admitted they could be putting the money to better use elsewhere, half of them (49%) said it wasn't worth their time to deposit it into a bank or savings account.

Small change adds up

Phillip Robinson, director of current accounts for Lloyds Bank, said: "The small change that we all leave lying around at home, in our cars and at work may not seem a lot, but it can really add up. Now that we're more likely to buy something online or pay by card, we pay less attention to unused cash and often forget about it."

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