Parents spend £2.25 billion on tech-savvy children

28 July 2014

British parents are spending a staggering £2.25 billion a year on gadgets for their tech-savvy children.

New research from E.On found that households spend just under £300 a year (£292) on gadgets for their kids, with each child typically owning four gadgets each.

Surprisingly, mum and dads with children under five are spending even more, at almost £400 a year (£394) on the latest technology.

Teenagers aged between 15 and 17 typically own the most gadgets (an average of seven each), while the splashing out doesn't stop when children reach 18. Parents spend more than £700 a year on technology for their adult children, a figure that rises to just under £1,000 for adult daughters.


With such tech-savvy children, it's no surprise that a third of parents (32%) admit they don't know as much about gadgets as their kids, while 14% said they aren't even as savvy as their children who are under five.

Mum of three, broadcaster Sara Cox, said: "Of course you don't want your children to be addicted to their gadgets. But with today's busy lifestyles there can be real benefits for people of all ages when it comes to using technology – in education and learning for example, and also in helping organise day-to-day chores and tracking household budgets.

Anthony Ainsworth, marketing director at E.On, said: "Technology is now very much part of everyday family life, our research shows that many parents are keen to make sure their children have the latest devices. But it's important to remember that charging, powering and leaving gadgets switched on can add up to quite an impact on energy bills."


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