Car tax changes: what you need to know

22 July 2014

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has abolished paper tax discs and replaced them with a digital registration scheme. But are you ready for the change?

From 1 October, motorists will no longer need to display a tax disc on their windscreens, something that has been required for the past 93 years. Instead, the DVLA is moving to an electronic-register system that will allow drivers to pay their car tax via direct debit.

Direct Debits will be available from 1 November and motorists will be able to pay their tax on an annual, six-monthly, or monthly basis.

Ahead of the changes, the driving agency has issued advice on the changes drivers need to be aware of:

Buying a car

From 1 October, the tax on the vehicle you bought will no longer be transferred with the car - you will need to get new tax before you can drive. This can be bought online, on the phone or via the Post Office using the existing 'New Keeper Supplement' part of the vehicle registration certificate.

Selling a car

If you sell a car after 1 October and inform the DVLA, you will automatically be refunded for any full calendar months left on the tax that are unused. You will no longer need to make a separate application for a refund of vehicle tax.

When direct debits won't be available

You won't be able to tax your vehicle via direct debit for fleet schemes, HGVs or first-registration vehicles.

How to check the tax status of a vehicle

You can check the status of any vehicle by visiting

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