Foreign weddings cost guests double

18 July 2014

Brits travelling abroad for friends and family weddings face paying twice as much to attend the big day than they would if it was in this country.

With 10% of people heading off to a wedding abroad in the next 12 months and 25% of couples planning to tie the knot in sunnier climes in the next 18 months, guests are having to fork out £564 on average to attend, compared to just £247 for those going to a UK wedding.

The research from found that the trend of getting wed abroad is putting a strain on guests' finances. More than a third (39%) said that it is a big request to ask people to travel to another country for the big day and 59% said they would prefer to attend a wedding in the UK instead.

Another 14% wouldn't consider heading overseas for a wedding regardless of who it was for, one in 10 said that the bride and groom should help pay for the flight and hotel costs, while 9% said if they do travel they shouldn't be expected to bring a wedding gift too.

However, it is not all bad news for hard-up guests as a generous 12% of couples said they would help their loved ones pay for the trip.

As for the happy couples, more than a third (34%) of would-be weds said they were getting married abroad to guarantee the weather, while 15% said they were doing so as it works out cheaper than doing it in this country.

Popular concept

Sammy-Lea Samways, head of travel insurance at, said: "The idea of getting away from it all to wed abroad seems to be a popular concept; the lower costs of an overseas wedding being an important factor for many.

"However, destination weddings can often be difficult for invited guests because of the price and time involved. It can pose the dilemma of a costly trip abroad versus the desire to see the happy couple get married.

She added: "Combining the wedding trip with an annual holiday could be a good way that guests could save money. And whether you're a guest at a wedding or the bride and groom, we would always advise making sure you have adequate travel insurance, just in case the worst was to happen."

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