Over-50s head to music festivals

26 June 2014

With Glastonbury getting underway today, ageing rockers are set to pack their wellies and camping gear this summer as they turn their back on foreign holidays for a music festival instead.

New research from Saga Motorhome Insurance has revealed that 20% of over-50s are planning to visit one of the UK's hundreds of music festivals this summer as they look to roll back the years and enjoy the music.

More than a third (36%) are planning on staying overnight at one of the gigs too. But one in ten will be camping in a bit more comfort than the usual tent, with 10% camping in a motorhome. Some 14% attending a folk festival will be using their much-loved caravan to stay warm and dry.


Roger Ramsden, chief executive of Saga services, said: "The staycation's popularity has rocketed in recent years, as has the variety of breaks on offer nationwide.

"With festival season upon us, what better way is there to enjoy the British summertime than by heading to one of these events? It shouldn't be a surprise that so many festival-goers are over 50, as a large number of bands playing are in the same age group.  

"Heading to Glastonbury or Reading and staying in a motorhome is a wholly sensible way to soak up the atmosphere. At the very least you'll avoid a waterlogged tent if the skies open."

The music festival scene has grown massively in recent years, with hundreds of festivals taking place across the country. Major gigs like Reading and Glastonbury can be pretty pricey too with a weekend ticket for the Reading Festival in August costing £213 while revellers at Glastonbury paid £215 for their weekend tickets.

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