Cheaper theory tests for learner drivers

23 June 2014

Would-be drivers will face a cheaper theory test from later this year, it has been announced.

The cost of the theory test is set to drop by 20% in October, reducing the price from £31 to £25. Another £2 drop is set to take place in October 2015 as well and theory tests for motorbikes and other vehicles are also set to be cut.

Transport minister Stephen Hammond said: "By reducing the cost of the theory test we will save aspiring motorists around £9 million annually.

"This has been achieved without compromising on the vital role the theory test plays in making sure that new drivers know the Highway Code and the rules of the road. I am delighted that theory tests will now offer better value for money while continuing to meet these rigorous standards."

The news will be welcomed by learners, as learning to drive is very expensive.

The provisional licence costs £50 and, of course, then comes the cost of driving lessons.


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommending 47 hours of tuition and the average costs of a lesson with an AA instructor - one of the biggest driving schools in the UK - is £24. So that's another £1,128 to add to the learner drive bill.

With the current theory test cost at £31, and the practical test £62 (or £75 for evenings, weekends and bank holidays), learners can easily face a bill of £1,271.

Then once they do pass, they need to think about insurance. According to the AA, the average annual comprehensive insurance premium stood at £747 on 2013 - with the amount for 17-22 year olds increasing to a whopping £1,743.

All this amounts to a total spend of £3,014 to get out on the road - and that excludes the cost of a car and petrol.

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