EE rolls out broadband to non-mobile customers

12 June 2014

EE is rolling out its broadband service to non-mobile phone customers for the first time.

Its Home and Fibre Broadband offering will be available to customers signing up to 12-month contracts at £2.50 a month for unlimited broadband (speed up to 17 MB) and free weekend calls for 12 months. The price thereafter is £9.95 a month.

Superfast EE Fibre (speed of up to 38 MB) is available as a top-up for £5 a month for three months and comes with a free connection which EE values at £50.

Other incentives for new customers include a £100 buyout of existing broadband contracts and two-year Norton 360 internet security software – for free in the first year (worth £59.99) and half price in year two.

They'll also get access to EE Wednesdays (two-for-one cinema tickets) and a '241' Pizza Express deal.
For households with lots of internet-enabled devices and EE mobiles (such as laptops, smartphones and tablets) a package comprising 76MB Fibre, unlimited landline calls, 1,000 mobile minutes and international calls to 30 destinations is available for £20 for the first three months (then £34.95 a month).
All of these offers are excluding line rental which will be charged at £11 a month for those choosing to pay for 12 months upfront (£132). To pay monthly, the cost rises to £15.75.

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What the experts think

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at comparison site, told Moneywise: "Nothing is more annoying than seeing a great offer and then realising it isn't available to you, so EE's decision to widen the availability of its best deals is great news.

"The £100 buyout pledge is also very compelling but customers need to fully understand how this works before signing up – EE will credit your bill with it, as opposed to paying your old provider the cash, so customers will need to be able to cover any early termination costs upfront themselves."
He added: "Compared with other home broadband packages, EE's offers are very competitive and come with a whole host of perks. As always though, it's important to compare all the options by doing a postcode search on a comparison site before signing up to anything."

In terms of comparable deals, Sky currently has a home broadband offer for £5 a month (plus £15.40 line rental). This includes a £25 M&S voucher and speeds of up to 17Mbps, so on par with EE's £2.50 per month offering. Alternatively, Primus have a deal for £2.00 a month (plus £14.90 line rental) giving speeds of up to 16Mbps.

EE is also the only major mobile network with capabilities to offer home broadband products so no other mobile operators will be able to follow suit.

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