No garden tops list of property turn-offs

6 June 2014

A lack of garden, an outdated bathroom, and small kitchens and bedrooms are the biggest property turn-offs for would-be buyers.

Top of the list of dealbreakers was no garden, which was enough to deter 43% of buyers, according to a survey by

Taking the second spot was an old-fashioned bathroom (21%), a small kitchen (17%), small bedrooms (14%) and an outdated living room.

The research also revealed that househunters aged between 18 and 24 were more concerned about the state of a bathroom than those over the age of 34, who prioritise a garden above anything else.

Some 30% of the 18 to 24 age group said an outdated or dirty bathroom was their main concern, followed by a lack of garden (29%), a small kitchen (18%) and small bedrooms (18%) and an old-fashioned living rom (5%).

Ready-made homes

Peter Gregg, director of UKBathrooms, said: "Clearly with the increase in housing prices people are looking for homes that they can move in to and start their life in without too much need for redecorating and bathrooms tend to be one of the places within the home that you prefer to be in a clean and hygienic condition.

"People have less disposable income at the moment and that means that having to replace a bathroom or any other larger scale feature within their house, simply may not be possible."

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