Wedding guests spend £470 on the big day

Published by Hannah Nemeth on 04 June 2014.
Last updated on 04 June 2014

Wedding rings and flowers

UK wedding guests will spend an average of £470 per wedding they attend this year, according to new research.

Splashing out on travel, accommodation, an outfit and a gift adds up to £470 for each wedding, which is 30% of the UK average monthly salary, a survey by American Express revealed.

People who live in Northern Ireland spend the most, with an average of £826 per wedding, compared to just £314 spent by those living in the South West.

However, when it comes to being generous with the gift for the happy couple, Londoners topped the poll, spending £95 on a present.

It's not surprising to find that more than half of wedding guests resented paying large sums to attend a wedding and just over a third said they wouldn't accept invitations because of the costs involved.

Two-thirds admitted they wouldn't go to a wedding overseas unless it was for close family.

Heather Laverne, vice president of Consumer Cards UK at American Express, said: "Attending a wedding can be a costly affair and can quickly add up to a large sum of money.

"There are ways, however, that money can be saved and it's important to plan ahead so that spending for the special day doesn't become a financial headache. Using rewards or points that have been accrued on credit cards or loyalty programmes is a good way to cut the cost of travel, gifts and outfits."

Average spend per wedding by region

East Anglia - £398
East Midlands - £542
London - £561
North East - £379
North West - £453
Northern Ireland - £826
Scotland - £491
South East - £442
South West - £314
Wales - £429
West Midlands - £496
Yorkshire & Humberside - £397

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