Women keep up with men even though they earn less

2 June 2014

Despite taking home 7% less salary than their male counterparts, women in the UK are saving proportionally the same amount as men, according to new research.

On average, women are left with £140 disposable income each month after necessities such as the mortgage or rent and utilities are paid, compared with £155 for men, figures from Scottish have revealed.

This means both men and women save, on average, 2.5% of their annual salary over a year.

However, women are more pragmatic in how they spend it, with a clear divide between the sexes as to what is considered a luxury and what is a necessity.

More men than women claim that eating out, morning coffee, holidays, socialising and buying new clothes are essential. On the other hand, more women than men believe that paying rent, paying for a mobile phone and for petrol are necessities.

Women were also better at paying bills on time, with 94% saying that they considered it a necessity, compared with 89% of men.

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Calum Bennie, communications manager at Scottish Friendly, said: "There is a larger debate here about why there is such a gender divide in salaries but to me the most interesting part is the fact that women, despite this gap, are saving proportionately as much as men. This research highlights the pressure women are under to make their money work for them."

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