Boozy Brits abroad risk hefty bills

28 May 2014

More than two-thirds of British holidaymakers who end up in hospitals abroad because they drink too much are at risk of having to pay for treatment.

Travel insurance doesn't always pay out for treatment required due to alcohol consumption but some holidaymakers only find out when it's too late and get stuck with a bill for thousands of pounds.  

Comparison website found that 40% of people who admit to drinking too much when taking a break suffer injury or illness due to their over indulgence.

Some 69% of them have to seek hospital treatment, with 23% suffering from alcohol poisoning, followed by broken arms, wrists, hands, hips, legs, ankles and feet.

Half of those questioned said they developed a "I'm on holiday mentality" when it came to taking risks with alcohol consumption, with more than a third (34%) saying they had acted outrageously.

A quarter of people (26%) added they had regretted the amount they drank while they were away and a massive 72% said their drinking had caused a row with their partner or travelling companion.

Remember the consequences

Beth Macer, travel insurance expert at, warned: "Travel insurance is designed to protect you, provided you take reasonable care to look after yourself and your belongings.

"We are not saying don't enjoy your holiday but please remember the consequences if you have an accident doing something stupid which could be deemed irresponsible."

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