Tesco to stop selling sweets at the checkout

22 May 2014

Supermarket giant Tesco is to ban sales of sweets and chocolates from its checkouts in a bid to help customers make healthier shopping choices.

Research from the UK's largest retailer found that two-thirds (65%) of shoppers supported the move in order to stop them being tempted by confectionery while paying for their shop, while 67% said it would help them choose healthier options for their children.

Tesco removed confectionery from its checkouts at its larger stores 20 years ago but will now do the same at its Tesco Metro and Tesco Express shops too. The sweets will be removed from the tills by the end of December.

Tesco chief executive, Philip Clarke, said: "We all know how easy it is to be tempted by sugary snacks at the checkout, and we want to help our customers lead healthier lives.

"We've already removed billions of calories from our soft drinks, sandwiches and ready meal ranges and we will continue to look for opportunities to take out more."

Assault course

Earlier this year, Lidl announced it had removed confectionery from its checkouts, while the Co-operative and Sainsbury's larger stores also have similar bans in place.

Katie O'Donovan from Mumsnet said the move should be welcomed. "Popping into a shop with a small child in tow can sometimes feel like navigating an assault course," she said.

"If you've made it to the checkout in one piece it can be really frustrating to then be faced with an unhealthy array of sweets designed to tempt your child. It's really positive to see a supermarket responding to the views of their customers and trying to make life that little bit easier."

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