Countryside life is getting cheaper

22 May 2014

The cost of countryside life has fallen for the first time in three years, thanks to a reduction in fuel prices.

There has been a 6.6% dip in the cost of petrol and diesel and a 12.1% fall in the cost of home fuels (such as coal and heating oil) over the past three years, according to NFU Mutual.

However, rural residents still pay more for home maintenance, personal transport, fuel and energy - at £6,082 a year compared to £4,357 for the average UK consumer.

Childcare costs are also more expensive in rural areas as families with young children face costs of £202 a week to have an infant looked after during the working week. In cities, the figure falls to £190.

Meanwhile, consumer confidence in the cost of living in rural areas has steadily increased over the past three years. And residents said they are less worried about having enough disposable income or being able to save enough.

Life satisfaction overall - based on environment, education provision, local economy, health and crime - is also better in the countryside than in towns and cities, according to the mutual.

NFU's Tim Price said: "While living in the countryside still costs more, the fact that people are happier shows that the joys of a rural lifestyle are still well worth the extra expense."

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