Cheapest summer music festivals revealed

15 May 2014

If you're heading to Glastonbury this summer, you'll be forking out twice as much as you'd need if you were going to one of the biggest European music festivals.

The cost of the five-day trip to Glasto - including tickets but excluding travel – comes with a price tag of £560, or £112 a day, compared to just £397 for the eight-day Sziget festival in Hungary. That's just under £50 a day, making it the best value music festival in Europe, according to travel money company No.1 Currency.

Following closely behind is the Open'er Festival in Poland at £52 a day, but it's actually the cheapest overall at £208 for the four-day long weekend.

At the other end of the spectrum, Tomorrowland in Belgium is the most expensive festival per day at £180. But at £541.47 for three days, it's still nearly £20 cheaper overall than Glastonbury.

The most expensive festival on a total cost basis, still excluding travel, is Roskilde, in Denmark. It costs a whopping £729.12 but it does go on for eight days, making it £21 cheaper per day than Glasto.

If you already have your ticket to Glastonbury this summer, expect to pay £69 a day for food and drink. And at £4.50, the cost of a pint of beer is the most costly of any of the European festivals.

Meanwhile, music fans going to Poland's Open'er Festival, can spend as little as £21 a day on eating and drinking.

How the festivals stack up on cost*

Sziget Festival, Budapest: £397.04
Open'er Festival: £208
Exit, Serbia: £249.72
Rock am Ring, Germany: £280.80  
Unknown, Croatia: £387.50
Main Square, France: £337.20
Roskilde, Denmark: £729.12
Glastonbury, UK: £560
Sonar, Spain: £355.05
Tomorrowland, Belgium: £541.47

*Includes admission, accommodation, food and drink.

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