Brits save £46 million due to online complaining

28 April 2014

The power of social media has helped Brits save £46 million, according to new research from comparison website,

More than one in ten of us (14%) have used websites such as Twitter or Facebook to complain about a company we are unhappy with, with a massive 73% saying online complaining resulted in a successful outcome.

More than half of customers (51%) said complaining online resulted in their issue being resolved especially quickly, with 22% receiving a free gift or discount due to the public-airing of their gripe.

These discounts and freebies add up to a huge £46 million, with the average Brit making a saving of £29.60.

However, Brits are also likely to sing the praises of a business they are happy with. Some 19% of consumers have posted positive comments about a company or organisation when they receive particularly good customer service.

Voice your complaint

Claire Peate, customer insights manager at, said: "Regardless what method you use, if you are unhappy with any goods or service you have received, it's important to voice your complaint with the company and escalate it if necessary.

"Customers are the most important aspect of any business and feedback, both positive and negative, is what shapes how an organisation operates, so if you've been left disappointed or angry make sure to let the relevant people know and don't just take it lying down."

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