Scam alert: Apple iTunes account 'suspension'

16 April 2014

Moneywise has learnt of an Apple iTunes email scam doing the rounds. Fraudsters posing as Apple Customer Support inform potential victims that their iTunes account has been "frozen temporarily" through an "automatic message".

In an appallingly written email, titled "iTunes Account Suspension Billing Information‏", the user is warned: "The account will continue to be frozen until it is approved And Validate Your Account Information."

They are then asked to update their account records at to confirm "your Billing Information records".

While the web link may look like it will direct you to the official Apple Store website, which is, it will actually redirect you to a bogus site.

In a further threat, the scammers write: "Failure to complete our validation process will result in a suspension of your Apple ID."

Sensitive information

In a statement on its website, Apple says: "The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email."

Apple also lists the four things it will never ask you to supply via email: your social security or National Insurance number; your mother's maiden name; your full credit card number; and your credit card CCV code.

Arguably, the real warning for email users in the fake email Moneywise received is the poor spelling and grammar, which should immediately flag the message as fraudulent. As too should the email address the message is sent from:

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