Easter travel: priciest European airport taxis revealed

16 April 2014

The most expensive European airport cab fares into city centres have been revealed as those from Milan's Malpensa airport, Oslo Gardermoen and London Heathrow.

The 46km trip from Milan's airport into the city centre costs on average £70.25, according to travel money company No. 1 Currency.

The 45km Oslo airport to town journey costs £67.77 and the 24km drive from Heathrow into London's West End comes costs on average £57.

However, on a cost per kilometer basis, the cab ride from Copenhagen Airport actually works out as the worst value for money, because at £33.33 for an 8km journey, the true cost is £4.17 per kilometer.

This compares to the price per kilometer in Milan, Oslo and Heathrow of a respective £1.53, £1.51 and £2.38.

Meanwhile, the cheapest taxi rides from European airports into town are in Sofia, Istanbul and Bucharest.

A 10k cab journey from Sofia Airport in Bulgaria into the city centre costs just £2.12 - 32 times cheaper than the Milan cab fare. While a taxi from Istanbul's Atatürk Airport into town costs £4.65 for a 25km journey, making it even cheaper than the Sofia cab on a cost per km basis, at just 19p.

Dent in your holiday budget

Simon Phillips, head of retail for No1. Currency, said: "Even though the pound is almost 3% stronger against the euro compared to 12 months ago, [a taxi] is still an extra cost that could make a large dent in your holiday budget if you're not careful or prepared.

"If the airport to city centre taxi ride is particularly expensive, like in Milan, then taking the bus or train may be the better or only option so it's worth checking out the local transport system in advance. Alternatively, you might be able to book a taxi before you travel, which could work out significantly cheaper than flagging down a taxi outside the airport."

Europe's most expensive airport cab fares into town:
Malpensa Airport, Milan, £70.25
Gardermoen Airport, Oslo, £67.77
Heathrow Airport, London, £57
Munich Airport, Germany, £49.59
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, £37.52
Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, £37.19
Copenhagen Airport, Denmark, £33.33
Brussels, Belgium, £28.93
Vienna Airport, Austria, £24.79
Geneva Airport, Switzerland, £22.11
Dublin Airport, Ireland, £20.70
Barajas Airport, Madrid, £20.66
Barcelona Airport, Spain, £20.46

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