Eastern Europe offers best value for city breaks

1 April 2014

Eastern European cities Budapest and Prague are the best value for money for British tourists, according to research from the Post Office.

Prices in the Hungarian capital have fallen by a significant 11% year-on-year, thanks to a combination of lower accommodation costs and the strong pound.

The Post Office study compared the cost of 12 typical city break things you would expect any traveller to purchase including accommodation and an evening meal - and found that Budapest would cost you just £116 for a two-night stay (excluding transport).

Next on the best-value list was Lithuanian capital Vilnius (£117), followed by Poland's Warsaw (£131) with Czech capital Prague completing a clean sweep for Eastern Europe at £136 after prices there dropped more than 17%.

Unsurprisingly, major cities in Western Europe and the US were at the other end of the scale with Boston (£412), New York (£365) and Stockholm (£363) proving the most costly for Brits looking for a city break.

The research found Brits could be making big savings on city breaks compared to this time a year ago, with the biggest drop in Copenhagen, where tourist items remain pricey at £306 but cost almost 30% less than 12 months ago.

Do your homework

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "The rising value of sterling is good news if you are planning a city break this spring but make sure you do your homework to get the best value."

He explained: "Meals and drinks are rarely included in city break packages so it is important to check prices before booking. Over a weekend break we found that tourists could pay four times as much for meals and drinks in Copenhagen as they would in Prague.

"We also found that a meal for two with wine in Prague cost £22, less than half the price charged in 17 other cities across Europe.

He urged travellers to remember: "Cheap flights and accommodation will not necessarily give you the best deal overall. Before taking the plunge, make a shortlist of cities you are interested in and check both sterling's value and local living costs, adding these to the flight and accommodation cost to see which comes out cheapest."

Cheapest cities to visit
Budapest, £116
Vilnius, £117
Warsaw, £131
Prague, £136
Lisbon, £137

Most expensive cities to visit
Boston, £412
New york, £365
Stockholm, £363
Paris, £311
Amsterdam, £309

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